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Australian Leading Ladies

Australasian Drama Studies
Dec 2019

Through interviews with four current leading ladies of Australian musical theatre, this article investigates the impact of earlier pioneers on current female performers, as well as outlining the current opportunities and challenges for female musical theatre performers in Australia.

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Australian Musical Theatre: Coming of Age Internationally

MTEA Journal
Jan 2019

The year 2018 could be seen as a watershed for Australian musical theatre with major productions of homegrown musicals occurring around the country and Aussie composers enjoying success on Broadway. Despite these international successes, however, there is still significant discussion in Australia around the problems of developing "the great Australian musical" and whether these ventures will be commercially viable for producers.


Australian Musicals Take Centre Stage in 2018
Feb 2018

Last week was a momentous week in Australian Musical Theatre. Three Australian-written shows were concurrently playing to full houses in major theatres.

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ABC News Interview

Jan 2018

A live TV interview about Australian Musicals in 2017 and 2018

NEDNedMaggie.jpeg article

Jan 2018

A short article highlighting even more Australian Musical Theatre in 2017


Far from being in crisis, 2017 was a great year for Australian musical theatre

The Conversation
Dec 2017

Looking back through 2017 we find a surprising number of Australian musicals staged around the country.


Bridging The Gap

Published on
July 2017

If there are so many new musicals being written, why aren’t they transferring to the commercial main stages?


New Australian Musicals? Here They Are!

Published on
July 2017

A summary of the Australian musicals performed in the latter half of 2017


Where are the new Australian musicals? Waiting in the wings

The Conversation
Jun 2017

After the announcement of the 2017 Helpmann Awards nominations, it is undeniable that the musical theatre nominations reflect a strong bias towards international content and artists. Although it may be thrilling for audiences to see shows direct from Broadway, they provide few opportunities for Australian performers and creative teams at the highest level.

ABC News Interview

January 2018

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